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Significant noise reduction

Road noise reduction fencing

Roadworks and road maintenance are noisy tasks, and there is no way to get around that.  They produce noise, dust and debris, and this can lead to complaints from local residents and businesses. However, installing Noise Defender sound absorbing panels around the work area can significantly mitigate noise levels and minimise the spread of dust, creating a more pleasant environment for passers-by.

Reducing road noise with Noise Defender fences

Noise Defender have years of experience in helping highway contractors meet the demands of environmental noise reduction. This experience has taught us the importance of keeping the decibel level down on road projects. That’s why we offer flexible, lightweight and waterproof acoustic barriers which are easy to handle, transport and install with minimal time and effort. They are also durable, meaning they will last for the duration of a project along extensive stretches of carriageway.

Quick and easy to install




Our Professional advice for your project

We offer professional advice on the best way to use our noise defence systems in your project, even visiting the location to suggest the most appropriate materials and strategy.

We can help you reduce costs through the reduction of noise pollution, as this allows you to extend working hours and complete your roadworks more rapidly. This benefits not only you, but those commissioning the work and those using the new roadway.

Reducing Dust

The design of our Noise Defender dB series also means it can significantly reduce the amount of dust and debris spilling out of the site, as well as noise. This will improve the environment and increase the safety for passing traffic and pedestrians.

Corporate identity

Our barriers can also be branded. So if you want to add a corporate identity to the temporary acoustic barriers we install, we can make this a reality. This will give you a marketing edge to enjoy from passing traffic.


So whether it’s a city development, a state highway or a major freeway, we use the very best in noise defence technology to accommodate your needs. 

Contact your local Noise Defender office today for further information on our noise pollution solutions.

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