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Healt& Safety

Health and Safety is hugely important to the Noise Defender team. We are committed to only producing and installing noise defence systems that meet all the necessary health and safety requirements set by aligned industry bodies. As part of this, our team members willingly take part in regular training to stay up to date on all legislation. This helps us ensure best practice, every time.

All our noise defence acoustic barriers incorporate the following safety features

into their design:

Lightweight for easy manual handling

No fibreglass or rock wool used to ensure safer handling

Fire retardant

A reflective strip to ensure visibility even at night

100% Water Resistant

Weather resistant 

+ 70ºC / 158ºF, - 40º 

Tear strength warp/weft - 500 / 500 N DIN 53363

BS EN ISO 10140-2 : 2010


These days, noise is widely considered to be one of the most prominent examples of environmental pollution. Many organisations are becoming increasingly dedicated to reducing the negative impact noise can have on the public and on employees within a business.

Excessive noise is more than just unpleasant, as anyone who has suffered from it for any length of time will know. And it can also be a health risk. Continued and extensive noise pollution has been shown to have a direct link to increased feelings of stress, a rise in blood pressure and even cardiovascular problems.

Our range of temporary acoustic barriers can help to tackle these concerns and more, as a cost effective, simple and aesthetically pleasing noise defence solution. If you are an organisation dealing with noise complaints, we can help.

Noise Defender barriers are easily installed into a variety of industries and settings, including busy events, construction sites and work environments. We are the practical noise solution for improving environmental performance. Our barriers don’t reflect sound, they soak it up, attenuating noise by 10 – 20dB for typic.

Disposal & Recycling

At Noise Defender, we take our responsibility for environmental sustainability very seriously. We work hard to make sure our carbon footprint remains at a minimum.

As part of this, we have procedures in place for recycling and responsible disposal of products that are returned to us, and those which have come to the end of their serviceable lifespan. We offer a collection service for units we sell to clients. All returned units are then broken down and either recycled or responsibly disposed of in line with strict guidelines.

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