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Rail noise reduction barriers

For rail maintenance and track renewal, noise can be a serious issue. It can mean disruption to both commuters and local residents who live close to the railway infrastructure. Noise Defender can help resolve these issues. We provide temporary sound absorbing barriers which fit into fencing surrounding the work area, creating an effective noise defence system.

Reducing Rail Noise with Acoustic Barrier Fencing

Our railway noise barriers are an effective means of reducing the noise created by rail projects, and are quick and easy to install. This allows projects to extend working hours and meet an earlier completion date.

Quick and easy to install

Earlier completion date

Reducing rail's noise

Acoustic Barrier Branding for Rail Contractors

Contractors can also benefit from the implementation of acoustic noise barriers at a rail project site. Our barriers can be branded with a corporate image and relevant community message about the project which is underway.


Reducing Railway Noise Nuisance

Our barriers have helped to significantly reduce noise pollution for thousands of commuters on a daily basis. Our Noise Defender dB series of barriers effectively soak up sound rather than reflecting it. This can help reduce noise levels by up to 20dB.

Noise Defender can improve the process and reputation of a company project, thanks to our understanding of construction and maintenance rail projects.

Our friendly team are always happy to help you with a rail project. We can offer site visits during which our experts will identify your noise reduction requirements. 

We’re happy to provide further information on our products

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