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dB-RS 100 series | Noise Defender
  • dB-RS 100 series

    Height: 2 m (80.4 in)

    Width: 1.2 m (47.2 in)

    Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs)


    Max. Sound Attenuation:

    9.3 dB @ 250Hz

    16.6 dB @ 1000Hz

    19.5 dB @ 2000Hz

    22.3 dB @ 5000Hz (Max)


    Max. Sound Absorption:

    29% @ 250Hz

    100% @ 500Hz (Max)

    43% @ 1000 Hz

    18 % @ 2000Hz


    Lifespan: 2 years and profitable within 3 months


    The dB-RS 100 delivers functional noise absorption in a panel with a sturdy composition owing to Noise Defender's unique manufacturing techniques, providing the user with a sound control tool that is safe to use and quick to assemble, store & transport.  


    Easy to suspend from any temporary or permanent perimeter fencing, our trademark modular design ensures the dB-RS 100 series is the barrier to use for those in need of effective portable acoustic solutions for any size noise problem. 


    Noise Defender has been used to control noise, dust & debris, pollution created by construction and demolition sites, utilities, generators & compressors, public transportation, outdoor gun ranges, airports, conferences and music events.