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Lightweight - Quick & easy assembly, transport & storage

Superior Acoustic performance

Tear strength warp/weft -500 / 500 N DIN 53363


& Environmentally Friendly

Safe to handle

No fibreglass or rock wool used

Great value for money

BS EN ISO 10140-2 : 2010

Space for Printed Personalised Branding & Advertising Options

Modular Design

Double or Triple Up

for Noise 'Hot Spots'

100% Water Resistant 

Fire resistant properties 

Tensile strength 

Weather resistant 

+ 70ºC / 158ºF, - 40º 

dB-RS 300 series
  • dB-RS 300 series

    Height: 2 m (80.4 in)

    Width: 1.2 m (47.2 in)

    Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs) 


    Max. Sound Attenuation:

    10 dB @ 250Hz

    34.5 dB @ 800Hz

    40.6 dB @ 1250Hz

    49.1 dB @ 5000Hz (Max)


    Max. Sound Absorption:

    47% @ 250Hz

    97% @ 500Hz (Max)

    72% @ 800Hz

    45% @ 1250Hz


    Lifespan: 5 years and profitable within 4 months


    The dB-RS 300 is the brain child of our R&D department who've incorporated the latest high spec materials to our superior manufacturing techniques, to remain lightweight, now offering superior noise attenuation and absorption performance whilst staying exceptionally robust, safe to use and quick to assemble, store & transport. 


    Easy to suspend from any temporary or permanent perimeter fencing, our trademark modular design ensures the dB-RS 300 remains the go-to for those in need of the very best portable acoustic solution for any size noise problem.


    Noise Defender has been used to control noise, dust & debris, pollution created by construction and demolition sites, utilities, generators & compressors, public transportation, outdoor gun ranges, airports, conferences and music events. 

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