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Construction Noise Barriers

More than any other work environment, construction sites are infamous for their high noise levels. This can be a hindrance for both the local community and the employees working on the site.

Thankfully, our temporary acoustic barriers are easily installed and fitted to both metal fencing and scaffolding structures. This helps to significantly reduce both the transmitted and reflected sound on the site, typically lowering noise pollution from construction sites by 90 – 97%.

Noise Defender can help with reducing construction noise with temporary construction fencing. We have years of experience in noise mitigation, allowing us to fully understand the needs and requirements of every contractor when it comes to establishing a worksite and delivering work.

Noise Mitigation Construction Sites

In today’s complaint culture, it is more important than ever to minimise noise disruption for local residents and businesses alike. But on the flipside, progress needs to be made and deadlines need to be met, and construction overruns can mean high financial costs.

Which is why many people turn to noise defence barriers for an effective solution. Our barriers have been used as a means of managing and defending environmental noise for a range of projects worldwide, including providing noise reduction for sites close to schools, hospitals, residential homes, local residents and other noise sensitive locations.

Our construction barriers have been designed to guarantee:

Significant noise reduction

Extended working hours

Rapid deployments on sites

Own branded barriers for contractors

Noise Defender Residential Use Barriers

The dB series from Noise Defender has been designed for simple and speedy installation at sites where reducing noise levels and maintaining good community relations is paramount. As such, they are particularly useful in public and residential locations.

Our lightweight sound barriers are extremely easy to transport and install, and their flexibility means they can be configured to any type of scaffolding and fencing. Their waterproof design can be tailored to feature the logo of the contracting organisation. This offers a visually pleasing and high profile marketing opportunity for your brand.  

If you think you could benefit from event noise reduction barriers from Noise Defender, contact our team today 

We’re happy to provide further information on our products

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