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Welcome to Noise Defender for affordable and effective acoustic barriers, noise reduction panels and noise barriers. The Noise Defender acoustic barrier DB® is a noise reduction panel, modular and versatile, formed to create acoustic sound barriers on construction sites. The Noise Defender DB® noise barrier does not require foundation work and is extremely simple and quick to install. Also they can be reused time and time again. Mounting the panels next to each other to create a complete barrier system, that allows a seamless wall to contain the dust and noise of any construction or event site, in addition to being an effective visual barrier for promotion of the company branding.

Powerfully Balances Acoustics

The sound insulating panels, Noise Defender DB®, are the ideal sound solution panels to reduce noise pollution generated by construction/event work sites in close proximity to residential or protected areas. Studies show that acoustic barriers on construction/events sites lessen complaints received by contractors. Noise Defender DB® are often used in many industrial applications, in public exercises such as bars and discotheques or for residential installations.

The Noise Defender sound reduction panels DB® provides a typical field attenuation on site of 10-20dB depending on geometry.

Ease of Assembly

The Noise Defender DB® can be installed on any type of fence. specially designed to be installed with ease and in the absence of skilled personnel, is available in two versions: the Noise Defender DB – RS (Single) SIZE and the DB – RT (Trio) SIZE

In both versions with mounting enclosure, the panel has eyelets, metal hooks and accessories that allow for installation on any type of metal fence construction, grilled, scaffolding or residential fence.

Noise Defender DB -R-t (Trio)

Range of Tailored Options

We offer an existing range in two standard sizes: Noise Defender DBR-S (1.2m x 2m) and DBR-T (3.6m x 2m). However, we also have extensive manufacturing capabilities to satisfy the differing specific needs of our clients by providing tailored barriers to any dimensions. We are fully equipped to deliver large volumes to even the tightest of deadlines. Our tailoring options also extend to custom density and type with regards to the sound absorbent material within the barriers. In addition corporate branding options are available and we are happy to undertake any projects to satisfy any range of requirements.

Selection of Bespoke

A range of existing high quality pantones and .RALs are available for selection to our clients, to aid with the production of the perfect brand identity on your bespoke barriers. As the manufacturer, we are in a position to offer specialist production of any unique colour/tones required to make your product best represent your brand identity. When producing specialist PVC colour/tones, please be aware there is a minimum order requirement.

Excellent Noise Attenuation

Our unique P.A.D (Precision Acoustic Design) technology offers the perfect balance between weight and acoustic performance, ensuring our barriers focus on delivering a solid market standard with regards to their acoustic capability. Extensive research and expertise have been combined and are consistently re-evaluated and engineered to ensure we continue our forward progress, providing our clients with a quality product.

Reflective Strips for Site Safety

Reflective strips are an integral part of any barrier system, playing an important role in the health and safety considerations which are essential in the day to day use of the product. Pedestrians, Cars and your own workforce benefit from being able to notice the barriers in any conditions and a range of reflective strip colour options help to facilitate this.


Road, Rail and More!

The Noise Defender DB® acoustic barrier is recommended for installations both inside and outside and is resistant to all weather conditions. It is used in all cases in which noise reduction is required of the acoustic impact of the activities on sensitive receptors.

Typical installations for our noise reduction barrier panels are:

  • mobile or temporary noise barriers on construction sites;
  • sound-absorbing shields for generators or outdoor units of air conditioning;
  • acoustic barriers to reduce the inconvenience caused by public exercises such as bars and nightclubs;
  • residential acoustic barriers to increase privacy and acoustic comfort;
  • acoustic shielding systems for cutting wood and metal;
  • Noise barriers for activities such as sandblasting and cleaning facades and monuments;
  • acoustic barriers for car washes.



Promotional Products

Every new account will receive a complimentary promotional Noise Defender DBRS t-shirt, baseball cap and mug set, as a thankyou direct from the Noise Defender team.

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